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Special Promotion


| 1 Lyric Alarm Panel with 7″ Touch Screen Display

| 1 GSM Cellular Communicator

| 1 Battery Back-Up

| 10 Décor Door/Window Transmitters

| 3 Eighty Pound Pet Immune Motion Detectors

| 1 Combo Smoke/Heat Detector

| 1 Yard Sign

| 1 Professional Installation

$799.99 + tax

  Note: All promotions require a one-year Monitoring Agreement at $39.99 per month. Monitoring includes Cellular Back-up and Remote Interactive Services. The system listed will support up to 128 wireless zones and 48 different user codes. Additional sensors are available and sold separately  

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Security Systems

Video Verification Services

Surveillance Systems


A properly installed Security System will help protect your assets from theft, vandalism and save you money on your insurance policies. Security Systems act as a deterrent to potential thieves, and make sure the proper authorities are notified to help minimize any loss due to burglary. Every system we install has the capability to detect unauthorized motion, glass breakage and the opening of all points of entry. Each system also supports several methods of panic or duress notification. It is our goal to make sure you have the tools and information needed to decide on the best security solution for you.

Note: APS does not install any Security System Hardware purchased from online re-sellers or other retail locations.

Surveillance Systems

Video Verification Services

Surveillance Systems


Closed Circuit Television Systems ( CCTV ) allow you to view, record and playback video seamlessly. CCTV Systems are proven to deter vandalism, protect against false insurance claims, and decrease internal and external theft. DVR and NVR Systems with Analog or IP Cameras can be viewed on your network or over the internet via PC, phone or tablet. This gives to the power to view your home, business or property from anywhere. Most units have built in DVD burners and USB ports directly on them to make retrieving and saving video easy and efficient. Whether you need one camera, an entire system, or a system integrated with other components we are here to meet your needs.

Note: APS does not install Camera Systems purchased from online re-sellers or other retail locations.

Video Verification Services

Video Verification Services

Video Verification Services


  False alarms are expensive and cost over 2 billion dollars annually. Due to millions of low quality and poorly installed alarm systems over 35,000 police officers are dispatched for false alarms and "Non-Verified Alarms" can have up to a 60 minute response time on average. With Video Verification services (Verified Alarms) police response time averages 12 minutes. First Responders need better information to prioritize their resources. Having Video Verification Service allow the Central Station to combine sensor data, video, and video metadata, to allow quick and accurate response to alarm activation's. Video verification is the future of Security and with APS the future is now! 

Additional Services Offered

Custom System Design

Custom System Design

Custom System Design


Initially one of our experienced sales agents will come to your home so we can better understand your needs. We take pride in asking essential questions to ensure you receive the best design for your specific system. After your initial site survey and information received from you and your family, we will create a custom proposal and system designed for you. 

24 hour Service

Custom System Design

Custom System Design


Our Service Technicians are committed to providing you with high-quality maintenance and repair. We take pride in making sure all service calls are responded to and performed in a timely and efficient manner. 

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